Moving Forward Together

I will forever be grateful to America.

When I was 17 years old, I left my birth country of Tanzania in search of a life with greater opportunities. My twenty-four year journey has involved a combination of setbacks, opportunities and personal successes. I made a bold decision a couple of years ago to leap into the technology world by introducing Moovn, a unique ride sharing platform. Our company has continued to grow at a rapid pace and recently reached its fifteenth location worldwide. Our success is by all means not shared alone. We are overwhelmingly humbled by the thousands of followers and riders who have come to support us during this amazing journey.

As an immigrant, I built this company with the mission to provide accessibility across all demographics, with the same level of service throughout all communities, including various regions of the developing world. My life experience has allowed me to see firsthand how much this effortless access to transportation can transform lives. Hence, at the heart of this work is our steadfast dedication to improving global mobility as well as bridge technological divides in order to uplift the communities we service across the country and around the world.

In light of the recent travel ban directed toward some refugees and immigrants, our U.S. driver partners – most of whom are immigrants – have also reaffirmed my commitment to get our story out that this nation has provided many of us a wealth of opportunities which have enabled us to realize our entrepreneurial dreams.

We believe we are American, in every definition of the word. We also know as Americans, you raise one hand up to grab whatever opportunity is being given to you, while extending the other hand to pull up those who need it.

We at Moovn are calling for unity, to remember this America, and to respect all the remarkable cultures that have created it. I firmly believe that if we stand together, we will keep moving forward.

Author: Godwin N. Gabriel –¬†Executive Director